Frequently Asked Questions

I need help using this site. Who do I contact?

Can I pay my bill online?

My Municipality or School District allows credit card payments. However, I don't see a "Make Payment" button. What's wrong?

My taxes are too high or are incorrect. How do I fix it?

My name or address is listed incorrectly. Can you correct it?

Why is my town, village, or school not listed?

I’m missing exemptions (Star, veteran's, etc.) or need one. Can you help me?

I need a copy of my tax bill. Can you send it to me?

I need to make a payment or request a refund. What do I do?

The site says I have not paid, but I sent my payment to the county. Where is it?

I paid my bill today, but the payment is not showing online, why?

When will updated tax information be listed on this site? How often is this site upated?